Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Upcoming in Knitting Purls

Well, the March issue of Knitting Purls is out. The focus of the issue was on charity knitting. Profiled in the newsletter was Sonny & Shear, one of the hottest online yarn stores.

Coming in the May Issue of Knitting Purls

As knitting's popularity has grown, so has the number of knitting pattern designers. They are the focus of the May issue of Knitting Purls. Find out how these individuals became designers, what motivates them, and their design process.
The May issue of Knitting Purls will be available May 16.

Knitting Purls' July Issue

So you want to be in the know about the latest knit patterns. I don't know many knitters who don't! One way to be on the leading edge is to be a test knitter. These lucky knitters test patterns and yarn for designers and yarn companies. In the July issue of Knitting Purls, we'll focus on test knitters--how they get their assignments, what's expected of them, and the good--and possibly not so good--things about their job.
The July issue will be available July 15.

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Free Patterns

Here are the free patterns from the March issue of Knitting Purls.

Tropical Sore Bandages
225 yards No. 10 knit Cro-sheen, 100% mercerized cotton in white, cream or ecru. Do not use dyes/colors.
Size 2 or 3 needles

Cast on 24 to 27 stitches so the bandage measures 3˝-4˝ across. Knit every row until bandage is desired length of about 4 feet. (TIP: I find the edge looks neater if I slip the first stitch of each row instead of knitting it.) Bind off, leaving a 2-3˝ tail to weave in. Secure tail by slipping thread through last stitch, tying a small knot, and weaving end back through stitches.
When completed, roll bandages and secure with a large (2˝) safety pin. Put in plastic bag, remove air, and seal.

(©LDS Humanitarian Services)

Kitty Comfort Zone
(by Laura Wilson-Martos)

2 balls Paton’s Cha Cha (50 gram/77 yards) or any crinkly eyelash/fun fur of similar gauge
2 balls Sensations Cello (50 gram/55 yards) or any straight eyelash of similar gauge
2 balls Caron Bliss (50 gram/71 yards) or any chunky, super-squishy and soft yarn
Size 15 needles or size required to knit gauge

Using a strand of each yarn throughout, 10 stitches/12 rows over 4 inches of garter stitch

Holding a strand of all three yarns together, cast on 40 stitches.
Knit every row for 52 rows.
Bind off loosely.
Weave in ends.
Introduce to kitty.
Watch kitty drag through house.

(©2008, Laura Wilson-Martos)