Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you Wallaby?

Do you? The September issue of Knitting Purls will feature an interview with Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations, and the designer of the Wonderful Wallaby. Copyrighted in 1984, the sweater continues to be a favorite.

In doing research for the interview, I noticed that many--and I mean MANY--individuals who made a Wallaby (WW for those "in the know") didn't make just one. It seems to be like potato chips or Maine Coon Cats--you can't have just one!

So here's the question:

How many Wonderful Wallabys have you made?

Send me an e-mail telling me how many, and what it is about the pattern that keeps drawing you back. And, for the person who has made the most--and remembers who they were for--there will be a special prize.

Send your entries to