Monday, July 28, 2008

We've Come a Long Way

The July issue of Knitting Purls is now available! If you're not a subscriber--but would like to be--send an e-mail to In this issue, we take a look at sock yarn, sock pattern and technique books, and test knitting.

Patterns for Paws
The July issue also announces a new project. As many of you know, I am also the founder/CEO of The Lily M. Foundation, Inc. One of our programs, Lily's Friends, works on behalf of animals. I am proud to announce that Lily's Friends is joining forces with Purebred Cat Breed Rescue in a project called Patterns for Paws. We are soliciting knit and crochet pattern donations from designers. These patterns will be sold, with the profits split equally between the organizations. Keep watch here for details regarding availability.

Upcoming Issues
There's going to be a lot happening in Knitting Purls over the next few months. Upcoming issues will feature interviews with Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations and Kelly Petkun of Knit Picks. We'll also be taking a look at independent spinners and dyers. In the November issue, we'll take note of some of the items that are at the top of knitters' holiday gift lists.

Bigger and Better
Knitting Purls received a shout-out from Wendy Johnson on her blog WendyKnits. Well, let me tell you, the subscriber list grew by leaps and bounds afterward. As of today, we have 300 subscribers! To be honest, that's more than I ever imagined.

Because we have so many new subscribers, I set up a site where back issues can be downloaded. If you've missed some issues, send an e-mail to, and I'll send you instructions for downloading, as well as the necessary password. And please be sure to include your real-life name.

And, as soon as I figure out how and where to put it, I will be starting a Knitting Purls podcast. Keep your eyes and ears open.


Beverly said...

Be prepared, because you put out a wonderful newsletter, so more subscribers will be on the way!

Ida said...

Thanks, Beverly.

Kelley said...

Please send me your e-mail.
I Lost it.
Thank you

Kelley Petkun